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Special COVID-19 - FRANCE

Continuity of service for Supplier Relationship

Following recent measures announced by the Government to limit the spread of COVID-19, Orange had to modify the organization of its services to ensure order processing and payment of invoices. During the entire containment period, Purchasing and Accounting activities are insured.

We encourage our suppliers to use digital tools (EDI, pdf by email, portal) and invite them to contact us through the usual channels to find out how.
You can rely on us to help you in this special period and be assured of our availability.

Let us support our craftsman, VSE and SME suppliers

@srichard : To relieve the cash flow of our craftsman partners, VSEs and SMEs, Orange SA pays cash with current invoices, thus mobilizing nearly 300 million euros.
#COVID19 #Solidarity



Responsible procurement

Group ambition: to be the market-leading player in this field.
In line with its sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, Orange wants to establish relations of trust and loyalty with its suppliers
and ensure that they adopt a responsible attitude, by offering products and services that meet social and environmental laws throughout their life cycle.
Their conditions of production must fall within the strict respect for human beings and international rules on employment law, child protection, hygiene and safety.
Find all the details in the "Orange Commitments for Responsible Purchasing" by clicking here.

Thus, the environmental, social and ethical criteria are evaluated during the selection process for the Group's suppliers.

To do this, Orange needs:

  • to obtain the contractual commitment of suppliers,
  • to assess them on CSR aspects,
  • to audit them to ensure that their commitments are being maintained, also to establish relations based on professional ethics.

Find all the details in our "Supplier Code of Conduct" by clicking here.
In France, as part of a proactive approach to responsible procurement, Orange signed the "Responsible supplier relations charter" in June 2010, and the "Telecoms sector sustainable development voluntary commitment charter in July 2010".
In order to foster innovation in France and in the Group, Orange signed the "Charter for publicly/privately-owned companies in favor of the emergence and development of innovative SMEs" in December 2012.

Orange France has been awarded the "Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing" label

label fournisseurs

Listening to SMEs

Orange favors mediation with its suppliers and their subcontractors to resolve any conflicts.
To ensure its impartiality and independence, Orange has appointed an internal ombudsman reporting directly to the Group's General Management and independent of the procurement department.
The SME mediator then plays a crucial role in mediating between companies to treat relational difficulties in the application of a contractual provision or the operation of a contract.
To do this, the supplier may file a petition directly with the internal mediator:
A procedure is then put in place in consultation with the stakeholders to resolve these difficulties.

Group warning system - Procedure for the collection of reports

If you notice serious breaches of Orange's CSR commitments or ethical / compliance commitments, you can contact us at the following address:



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