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Our mission: to manage relationships with the best suppliers and find the best products and services worldwide.
Orange is the leading operator in France. Established on 5 continents, in 2017 it generated €41,096 billion in turnover, of which 48.9% was in France.
In 2017, the Group's procurement and supply chain department, led by Geoffroy de Buchet, spent over €16 billion worldwide, including €8.2 billion on purchases in France.


The procurement function leads all commercial, financial and accounting relationships by:
-    leading a relationship based on mutual respect,
-    putting in place the appropriate means to ensure the monitoring of suppliers,
-    communicating its procurement policy transparently and by favouring negotiation to resolve commercial disputes.

We wish to have sustainable and authentic relationships with our suppliers in all of our projects.

Our commitments

responsible procurement:
Orange receives "Responsible supplier
relations" certification
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Orange evaluates and develops
the implementation of CSR, in particular
through the Joint Audit Cooperation.
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