The Group works with and obtains supplies from the best suppliers of goods and services.
Procurement in France includes more than 12,000 active suppliers and 87% of our expenditure is made with our top 200 suppliers. 

With its French and international footprint through its subsidiaries, Orange remains vigilant about territorial development and the local economy, whatever the country where procurement takes place.

We ensure that Orange is the preferred customer of its suppliers.

While maintaining the reputation of our brand, we rely on the best possible knowledge of the supplier market and we purchase goods and services that meet our expectations and those of our consumers, in an environmentally-responsible approach.

During the tender process, our buyers make direct contact with companies in order not to rule out major players and ensure fairness between suppliers.

For suppliers with high added value for Orange, the Group internationally supports them, through framework agreements that can be used by all of these subsidiaries.

Our types of procurement

Our Group buys goods and services from a wide range of suppliers in different markets.

Our procurement types are organised around four areas:
  • Customer Equipment, Marketing and Communication (fixed and mobile devices, multimedia accessories...)
  • Infrastructure and Networks (technical environment, infrastructure and network equipment, electricity...)
  • Technologies and Computing
  • Professional Services and Logistics Means (vehicles, fluids, cleaning, training...)

Our supplier relationships

In France, a Supplier Relationship Management process (SRM) has been set up with our 200 major suppliers to secure and sustain our relationships.

This SRM programme is based on a transversal approach for the entire Group. Our supplier segmentation and reviews are based on:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Operations and performance


This programme concerns:

  • Suppliers with a global presence and with a very strong impact on the Group's business
  • Strategic suppliers with whom we have a real and lasting partnership
  • Key suppliers whose skills focus on improving the value and operational efficiency of the Group
  • Suppliers with a global presence and with a strong impact on Orange's activities in France
  • The 200 suppliershave been identified as major in France according to our procurement strategy by category
  • 400 other companies represent the suppliers under control (ownership) representing the other 400 companies among our top 600 suppliers for which a main buyer for France is systematically identified


Our supplier code of conduct

The code of conduct describes, in particular, the ethical, social and environmental commitments expected by the Group.

Orange requires its partners, suppliers and their own subcontractors to:

  • comply with all national, European and international rules related to ethical and responsible standards of behaviour.
    This includes, without limitation, standards dealing with human rights, the protection of the environment, sustainable development, corruption and child protection.
  • adopt and apply the Group's ethical standards and commitments and to progress in these areas.

Orange supports its suppliers throughout the pre-contractual and contractual relationship for the effective implementation of this code of conduct.


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