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Group whistleblowing system
Procedure for collecting alerts


You are aware of a serious violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, human health and safety, or the environment; an act of fraud or corruption; a breach of ethics; a conflict of interest; or any other violation of laws and regulations:

Send your report to the Orange Hello Ethics platform by clicking on the following link:


Information System
How to promptly report a security incident in your company to the Orange group


Orange constantly monitors the protection of information and data systems and attaches the utmost importance to compliance with the Laws and Regulations in force in the field.

If an alert or security incident occurs in your company, please immediately contact Orange CERT with all useful information that would help to quickly qualify the impact (such as the type of activity you perform for Orange, your usual contacts with Orange, status of the incident…). This will allow us to efficiently respond together.

Should you wish to share sensitive information, or for more information please refer to


France Listening to SMEs


In France, Orange favors mediation with its suppliers and their subcontractors to resolve any conflicts.
To ensure its impartiality and independence, Orange has appointed an internal ombudsman reporting directly to the Group’s General Management and independent of the procurement department.
The SME mediator plays a crucial role in mediating between companies to treat relational difficulties in the application of a contractual provision or the operation of a contract.
To do this, the supplier may file a petition directly with the internal mediator:

A procedure is then put in place in consultation with the stakeholders to resolve these difficulties.