Our sourcing organization

Our mission is to select the best products and services, and to manage, support and develop relationships with suppliers in a responsible and sustainable manner.
To achieve this, our purchases within the Group are categorized into 4 types:

Smartphone reseau Serveur Carte Sport
Customer Equipment
& platforms
IT &
Indirect sourcing

Our sourcing teams are structured on two levels: global and local, depending on the purchasing areas concerned, and follow the Group’s industrial strategies.

Sourcing at Group level



  • Multi-country sourcing action
  • Steering a strategy by sourcing category
  • Managing global supplier risks
  • Sharing best practices


Sourcing niveau Groupe




Sourcing at local level



  • Taking advantage of group contracts and the local market’s specific characteristics / opportunities
  • Managing local supplier risks
  • Managing the operational contract


The joint venture brings together Orange and Deutsch Telekom’s sourcing for network and customer equipment, home & service platforms and IT. Created in 2011, BuyIn is equally owned by the two operators, who leverage order volume for better negotiations.
BuyIn in a few figures:



Our sourcing methodology is carried out by our buyers who manage the commercial relationship with our suppliers.
Thus :

  • they cover all required actions necessary for sourcing, in compliance with the principle of equitable treatment,
  • they monitor contracts and relations with suppliers,
  • they are the interface between the supplier and the specifier(s).