Digital solutions at your disposal

For suppliers of Orange SA or a subsidiary in France only

Several digital solutions are available to facilitate our relationship


OFusion Supplier portal

Portail fournisseurs


You will have access to a dedicated and secured website to consult real-time information about

  • Orders and receipts
  • Integrated invoices and associated payments.

If you already have access credentials, click here to log in
For any other questions, please contact Vendors Relationship department


Dematerialized Orders and Invoices

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Orange allows all its suppliers to receive orders and send invoices:

  • Either in PDF format by email
  • Or in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) formats by file transfer or deposit/withdrawal on our portal.

The use of paper mail must remain exceptional.



PunchOut Catalog


The Punch Out is a standard connection between Orange’s Purchasing IS and its suppliers’ electronic catalogs. It allows us to initiate a shopping cart directly on the supplier’s website with E-commerce type ergonomics and to automatically repatriate it in our ERP to finalize the order.



Electronic signature

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For a simple, flexible and fast contractual agreement, in compliance with the European eIDAS¹ (legality of the electronic signature) and GDPR² (personal data protection) regulations,

To guarantee compliance with the confidentiality, integrity and security requirements of the transactions at the heart of our concerns

For a shared benefit in reducing costs, time savings, improving deadlines for our operations
¹ eIDAS : Electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services
² GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation


Online Tenders

  For its suppliers, Orange offers a high-performance digital interface.

As a supplier, you will have access to a dedicated and secure platform to respond to tenders initiated by Orange.
A dedicated support team will help you through the different steps of your tender project.