Our Group Sourcing Policy

Our Group sourcing policy defines the principles to be applied in sourcing actions to meet 3 major objectives



Strengthen Orange’s economic performance

  • Challenge our suppliers’ pricing proposals, in order to offer our customers competitive services
  • Pool the needs of the Group’s entities (Europe, MEA and worldwide)
  • Favor standard solutions, with the objective of profitability and “time to market” for our projects
  • Select our suppliers in a rigorous, fair and responsible manner


Help to protect Orange

  • Integrate our Supplier Code of Conduct into contracts: compliance with legal, fiscal, social and environmental rules and Orange requirements
  • Apply preventive measures related to data security, financial and CSR risks, the fight against corruption and fraud, respect for business ethics, and supply risks
  • Be attentive to dependency issues (raw materials, critical resources, supply chain shortage, etc.)


Contribute to the success of Orange’s environmental commitments

  • Make environmental criteria a driver for sourcing decisions.
  • Push the circular economy and question purchasing needs
  • Develop renewable and low-carbon energy purchases


This policy applies to all Orange Group entities, each of our affiliates having its own sourcing department